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V-Star 650 Classic (XVS650A)

Find the best selection of motorcycle saddlebags for your Yamaha V-star 650 Classic. This classic cruiser motorcycle has plenty of saddlebag options to fit your specific riding requirements, whether your after a Throwover or Hard Saddlebag, No modification is required for this motorbike so the choice should depend on your storage requirements, budget, desired look & function.


Being a medium to large size motorcycle, its best to limit the saddlebags total length to approx 51cm / 20inch, the classic rear guard allows any width; 19cm / 7.5inch is a good balance. Some of the models that will work best are 507, 509, 101XL, 102, 108, 109, 510L and 511L. The 512L can fit but the 510L or 511L will be a better balance of looks and capacity.


Throwover Saddlebags are a great cost-effective solution for your cruiser; you will require a ‘universal saddlebag support bracket’ to keep the bags from going into the wheel/rear guard. V-star 650 classic riders go this option when wanting to stick to a budget, don’t need to carry alot and will most likely just leave the bags on the bike and rarely take them off.


Fitting some Hard Saddlebags with Easy Brackets gives you the flexibility to position any size saddlebag exactly where you want & ability to them on and off in seconds with key lockable Easy Brackets. The brackets are bolted to the saddlebags so the bike goes back to a stock look when the bags are off, no ugly hardware is left on the bike. 


The rider’s choice for the Yamaha V Star 650 Classic is 102 Saddlebags & Easy Brackets.