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Indian Scout Motorcycle Saddlebags. Selecting the best size & style saddlebags for your Indian can be easy; the indicators and shock absorber are out of the way, the stock exhaust fits long and high. This means if your wanting to fit the biggest possible saddlebags they will need to be a long rectangle shape with a cut out at the front.  The longest saddlebags you can fit should measure no more than 51cm/21inch total length and upto 30cm/12inch height (Model 510L). Without the pillion seat a little less height would be ideal but not a deal breaker. If the saddlebags are more rounded at the front it will be best the total length measures 46cm/18inch (Model 108L).


The style of the bag changes of look of the bike, for example the 510L is a modern sleek looking bag which gives the Scout sharper lines and more aggressive tone; where as the 109's classic rounded shape provides a more classic look.


Whether your going with throwover or hard saddlebags you'll need supporting brackets / mounting hardware to keep the bags off the bikes rear fender and wheel. All our Indian Scout customers go with the hard saddlebags and order the Easy Brackets, which is a lockable quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically to fit your bikes setup; with or without a oem detachable backrest. You have the flexiability to position the saddlebags where you like, take them on and off in seconds and no ugly hardware is left on the bike when the bags are off. Note: Its important to decide whether your bike will have a detachable backrest setup because the easy brackets and mounting hardware are different kits for the non backrest & detachable backrest.