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Rebel 300/500

Honda Rebel 300 / 500 Motorcycle Saddlebags:

The following saddlebags have been fitted to the Honda Rebel: Models 101, 110, 510L, 510L Slim, 504. A great combination with the saddlebags is lockable easy brackets, a quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically for the Rebel with or without a backrest/rack.
This small to medium size cruiser doesn't have any shock absorbers and the indicators are right back allowing you to fit saddlebags anywhere from 16inch to 20inch total length. The rear guard is narrow so fitting saddlebags with a 6inch / 15cm width would be ideal such as model 110 or 510L slim. But if you plan on doing long road trips and need as much space as possible a wider bag such as the 510L (7.5inch / 19cm) can still be functional and look good.
If you don’t need to store as much and would prefer something a custom looking with a minimalist vibe, I'd look at model 101. Alternatively, a happy in between for storage capacity would be model 110 & 510L Slim.


Easy Brackets will allow you to bolt pretty much any  saddlebag to your motorcycle, it clips on and off in seconds & is key lockable. No ugly hardware is left on the bike, the brackets bolt to the saddlebags and if you take them off 2 docking post bolt onto the rear guard. The saddlebag brackets are sold seperately; in the box it includes left & right brackets, mounting hardware and docking posts for your specific motorcycle setup; be it no backrest, hardmount or rack.


If your trying to keep to a budget the 504 throwover saddlebags are a great choice; its recommended you find some universal saddlebag brackets to keep the bags from going into the wheel and rear guard. Or you can remove the yoke and use them on the easy brackets; however model 110 might be the better value option.

Note: Photo of the 510L saddlebags above is the regular model. Check out the 510L Slim for something sleeker in width.