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Fat Boy

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy & Fat Boy 114 FLFBS Motorcycle Saddlebags. The 2018 and later Fat Boy being a large cruiser looks great with medium to large saddlebags. If you dont want to relocate the turn signals you will need to stick with medium saddlebags such as the 110 / 110XL, 102 fits but its a tight fit unless you push the bags forward a little more. If you would prefer large saddlebags its best you relocate the turn signals so you can position the saddlebags centre with the rear guard. See below saddlebag models on the FLFBS: 102, 108L-XL, 512L fit best with the turn signals relocated.


Customers purchase easy brackets to go with our saddlebags; they all love the ability to take your saddlebags on and off in seconds with no ugly hardware left on the bike. Easy brackets; a quick release lockable saddlebag bracket made specifically for the 2018 and later Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy with mounting hardware to fit with or without oem detachable backrest. Besides relocating your turn signals for larger saddlebags no other modifications are required.

Motorcycle Saddlebags & Saddlebag Brackets for 2018 and later Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy & Fat Boy 114 (FLFBS).