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V-Star 650 Custom (XVS650)

To give you plenty of choices when selecting motorcycle saddlebags for your Yamaha V-Star XVS 650 Custom its recommended to relocate the turn signals further back on the rear fender or near the tail light (use the reflector mount). As we hear back from more customers showing how they relocate the turn signals we'll supply this information.


Its best to stick to a small to medium size saddlebag; which means 50cm / 20inch total length would be the maximum size you would want on this bike. The width of the bags is a personal preference but sticking around the 16cm to 18cm / 6.5inch to 7inch width would look best with easy saddlebag brackets. 


Below you can find some concept ideas of how the 101, 102, 108, 109, 110 and 510 look on the bike (Note: the length appears to scale but the height is not, refer to the real photos on bikes below the concept ideas). Customers have been choosing amongst all these for this motorbike. The favourite choice has been the 510L / 510L slim, but the new 101 model and 108 is starting to stand out. Note turn signals will need to be relocated. If you dont want to touch your indicators you can try the 101.