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Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle Saddlebags:
The following saddlebags have been fitted to the Triumph Thunderbird; Models 110, 110XL, 510L, 512L. A great combination with the saddlebags is lockable easy brackets, a quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically for the thunderbird with and without a detachable backrest.


The 512L is our largest bag and fits the thunderbird snuggly between the shock absorber and indicators allowing you maximum storage for your road trip. If you dont need to carry as much the 110XL and 510L are similar in size with different features & looks, they fit easily. Customers that want a minimalist look with saddlebags choose the 110, the width is only 6.25inch which achieves a sleek look when looking behind the bike. 


Easy Brackets - Quick release lockable saddlebag brackets. Available to fit Thunderbird without backrest, standard backrest & detachable backrest. For an in-depth review visit here, otherwise you can see how the saddlebags fit the triumph thunderbird below: