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America / Speedmaster

Triumph America & Speedmaster Motorcycle Saddlebags. Being a medium sized cruiser with the external shock absorber and indicators at the rear guard you'll need to choose a saddlebag with a 45 degree cutout so you can tuck them just behind the shock absorber. The length that fits best is 44cm/17inch side to side; however by adjusting the indicators to fit closer to the number plate you can stretch the saddlebag length to 51cm/20inch.


From our range the 110XL and 510L is the recommendation for best fit and looks. In saying that other sizes and style saddlebags will fit such as the 504 throwover saddlebag and possibly the 507, but it does have a rounded front so wont look as good. Another rider who does lots of travelling needed as much space as possible, he changed the indicators and went with the longer 512L saddlebags. For a narrower / minimalist saddlebag solution model 110 will be perfect.


Whether your going with throwover or hard saddlebags you'll need supporting brackets / mounting hardware to keep the bags off the bikes rear fender and wheel. Most Triumph America / Speedmaster riders that buy our saddlebags order the Easy Brackets, which is a lockable quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically to fit your bikes setup; with or without a oem hardmount backrest. You have the flexiability to position the saddlebags where you like, take them on and off in seconds and no ugly hardware is left on the bike when the bags are off.