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Bonneville T120

Triumph Bonneville T120 2016 and later Motorcycle Saddlebags:
The following saddlebags have been fitted to the Triumph Bonneville T120; Models 507, 509 & 504. The throwover saddlebags can lean up against your shock absorber to stop it going into the wheel or its recommended you purchase a fixed saddlebag support bracket to keep the bags from rubbing on the shock absorber.


The 509 is our favourite choice for this stunning motorcycle, the classic rectangle bell shape with wide straps usually compliments chopper/custom cruisers, however with it fitted to the T120 you can see it compliments the lines and fits like it was made for the bike. Whilst its not the biggest saddlebag you will fit plenty in there, the new and improved design has side panels to keep the elements out. It measures 38cm long, 30cm height and 16cm width.


If your wanting to get away from that traditional sqaure shape, the 504 model is whilst smaller in size makes up for its sleek look. A bigger saddlebag option model 507 would be the longest you would want to go measuring 46cm long, 26cm height & 17cm width.


Aftermarket saddlebag support brackets will need to be sourced elsewhere our lockable quick release saddlebag bracket will not fit the T120.