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Vulcan 1700 Classic

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic Motorcycle Saddlebags fits 2009 and later. If you're lucky enough to own a VN 1700 and looking to fit motorcycle saddlebags your in luck because just about any of the medium Finn Moto Saddlebags will fit the bike.


To determine which saddlebags are best for you, consider the types of riding you'll be doing and what you need to carry. For example if you only plan to use the saddlebags for those once every so often motorcycle trips; then it would make sense to get the biggest size to fit what you need. The largest saddlebags available that will fit have approx 19L capacity per bag (510L, 110XL, 108L etc). If you plan on leaving the bags on more often than not you may want to balance out asthetics & storage capacity for the daily rides & road trips by choosing a medium size bag with a slim width such as 110, 510L slim, 108L. You can still store alot of items in this size. Finally if your after minimilist look the smaller saddlebag options are (101).


Having the ability to take your saddlebags on and off in seconds is an invaluable feature, simply turn the key and the bags come off with no ugly hardware left on the bike. Easy brackets; a quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically for the Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 classic with and without a backrest. Saddlebag brackets sold separately. 


We'll continue to add more photos of each model into this page as customers share them.