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Fitting motorcycle saddlebags to your Harley Davidson Softail Deuce FXSTD 1997 to 2007 is possible by fitting a saddlebag support bracket & lockable saddlebag brackets called easy brackets, made in usa. The polished chrome stainless steel support bracket is positioned behind the rear fender strut, secured inplace using the existing rear fender bolts, so you dont have to drill any holes into your bike. The mounting block looks neat and allows for easy bracket - lockable saddlebag brackets. Everything is make bike specific so its a easy plug in and play type setup.


The stock position of the indicator does limit the Deuce to a handful of saddlebag designs. Whilst the motorcycle doesn't have any external shock absorbers, you dont necessarily need to choose a saddlebag with a rounded front; the 101 and 110 would fit quite well. The 110XL is a little wider so it has good storage capacity for travelling, if your find yourself doing more day rides the 110 might be better, the 101 model would suit someone looking for minimalist look.


A good inbetween is the 108; although its a little long across the top the overall bag is shorter than the 110 so it will fit nicely between the indicator and rider seat. Some riders who have a modified exhaust have chosen model 102 saddlebag since its short at the top and you can position the bag low.


Relocating your turn signals further back will give you more options with bag size, style and saddlebag position on the bike; such as the popular 510L. If you were to fit the 510L with the indicators in stock position you'd be forced to position it up really high and forward which would look silly. A few concept ideas have been added below, as more customers share photos they will be shared on this page.