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Speedmaster (2018 >)

Fitting motorcycle saddlebags to your new Triumph Speedmaster 2018 and newer is possible with easy brackets, a quick release lockable saddlebag bracket. Extra supporting cover plate is bolted to the centre passenger rail & rear strut for the saddlebag brackets to mount to; available in black.


This medium size cruiser without any external shock absorber allows you to choose a variety of small to medium sizes saddlebags in various shaped such as models 101, 109, 108, and possibly the 110, 510L slim, 102 etc. The popular choice amongst the Triumph Speedmaster riders is the 108L. Whilst the 510L Slim is highly sourt after; it measures 20inch total length, where as the 108L measures 18.5inch and the top front cutout helps tuck nicely in the rear guard space between the pillion seal and indicator, another saddlebag with similar shape is the 102; its longer compared to the 108L measuring 20inch.


Below you will find some concept ideas of how some of our saddlebags fit on the 2018 speedmaster. As customers share photos of the bags on there bike we will upload them on here to show you how it fits, comparing with the actual 108L photo you can see the scale of projected images is a little out. Meanwhile all our items come with a 60 day money back gaurantee along with free return postage, this way your guaranteed a set of saddlebags that will love on your bike.  If your not too sure which style to choose please contact us for a cardboard cutout so you can put it up against your bike.