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Vulcan 900 Classic

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic (VN900B) Motorcycle Saddlebags fits 2006 and later. This large cruiser has no external shock absorber along with a long curved rear guard, this space allows you to fit big saddlebags such as the 512L or 108XL, you can also fit medium size saddlebags without compromising on looks.


To determine which saddlebags are best for you, consider the types of riding you'll be doing and what you need to carry. For example if you only plan to use the saddlebags for those once every so often motorcycle trips; then it would make sense to get the biggest size to fit what you need. The largest saddlebags available have approx 23L capacity per bag (512L 108L XL). If using as a daily ride and want enough room for road trips the medium to large saddlebags will be practicable; check out (102, 109, 110XL, 510L, 108L), you can still store alot of items in this size. Finally if your after minimilist look the smaller saddlebag options are (110, 510L slim or even smaller is 101).


512L - Most Vulcan 900 classic owners choose the 512L for its sleek minimalist look that fits part of the bike. Its our largest saddlebag providing you with maximum storage space for your road trip that fills in the most space and follows the lines of the rear guard perfectly whilst still providing plenty of space for the pillion riders legs.

510L / 110XL - If you’d prefer a little less bag on your bike the 110XL 510L follows the line similar to the 512L but is 3inch / 7.5cm shorter allowing a little more room to position the bags.

102 - The 102 saddlebag fits with plenty of positioning room and the rounded front maximises the storage.


Having the ability to take your saddlebags on and off in seconds is an invaluable feature, simply turn the key and the bags come off with no ugly hardware left on the bike. Easy brackets; a quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic with and without a backrest. Saddlebag brackets sold separately.