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Suzuki Boulevard M109R Motorcycle Saddlebags. The m109R is a large 1783cc sports touring cruiser motorcycle that looks really good off the production line, so when it comes to fitting some saddlebags whether its for shopping or traveling around Australia you really want something to compliment its look. Having a shorter and tapered rear guard your options should focus on medium size saddlebags that measures no more than 44cm / 17inch (side to side) or 51cm / 20inch in total length (very back to very front), and being a larger overall bike, you can get away with wider bags for more storage capacity measuring approx. 20cm / 8inch width.


At Finn Moto we have a few options that will fit a variety of budgets and aesthetics. Whilst it’s not limited to these models here are some of the saddlebags that will fit the Boulevard M109R; 510L, 102, 108, 507.


Mounting your saddlebags is the next challenge, the best thing to do is have the ability to transform your motorcycle style from sports tourer into a traveling tourer and back again in seconds without the hassle of tools. You can achieve this by pairing our saddlebags up with easy brackets – quick release lockable motorcycle saddlebag brackets made to fit the M109R with or without a backrest. The bracket is bolted to the saddlebags, when you take the bags off, the bike is left with neat looking docking posts which blend in with the motorcycles rear guard.

If your choosing to go with a throwover set of saddlebags such as the 507, you will need to source some fixed saddlebag brackets to keep the bags off the wheels and rear guard. Note this would be more a permanent setup, we only stock easy brackets.