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Low Rider S

Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider S 2016 to 2017 - Fitting saddlebags to your low rider S will require you to adjust the indicators off your rear fender. The bike comes stock with a plastic license plate holder, most owners decide to install a tail tidy / turn signal relocation kit. Once the indicators are out of the way you will have enough space for medium size saddlebags. (17inch / 43cm end to end or 20inch / 51cm very back to very front). 


The motorcycle saddlebags that look the best on the Low Rider S have a 45 degree cut out at the front so the bags can tuck just behind the shock absorber, with a curved lid that follows the line of the rear guard. Depending on the style your after a saddlebag with straps gives a classic vibe (model 110 / 110XL), where as a saddlebag with no straps provides a clean modern streamlined look (510L / 510L-Slim). Both saddlebags fit nicely inbetween the shock absorber and relocated turn signals, and the curve in the lids flow nicely with the rear guard.


If you going to use the saddlebags for every day use, you should take note of the width of the saddlebags, for example the 110 is approx 6inch wide and provides a sleek minimalist look, where as the 110XL is wider 8inch giving you a whole lot more storage capacity which is great for traveling. The wider bags are still acceptable looking on the low rider s; but if your going to be using the bags every day the minimlist slim bags would look and function better.


Mounting your saddlebags can be done with a fixed universal saddlebag bracket, at Finn Moto we stock easy brackets which is a quick release lockable saddlebag bracket. Its the closest thing you'll get to a plug in and play, the brackets & mounting hardware are made bike specific. With a turn of the key you can go from a bike with saddlebags, to stock without saddlebags in seconds allowing you ride the way you want without the hassle of tools.  If you have a backrest such as a HD detachable backrest, the easy brackets kit comes with docking posts & longer bolts so the bags and sissybar works together in any combination. 


Motorcycle Saddlebags & Saddlebag Brackets for 2016 to 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider S (FXDLS). Tail tidy turn signal relocation kits made specifically for the Low Rider S, cleans up the rear end by removing the stock plastic and replaces it with a clean look, allows you to move the indicators so you can fit Easy brackets and saddlebags.