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Street 500 / 750

The Harley Davidson Street 500 & street 750 is a very popular cruiser motorcycle which attracts all sorts of riders that use the bike for different purposes; be it learning, commuter, weekend riding, around town or touring. So we've made a point of offering a range of Motorcycle saddlebags & saddlebag bracket options to fit the budget and purpose. In this range we have motorcycle throwover saddlebags & larger saddlebags which mount to lockable saddlebag brackets so you can transition from a motorcycle with and without saddlebags in seconds.

For riders who are looking for a cost effective options our 504 throwover saddlebags fit perfectly inbetween the shock absorber and indicator. If you dont want to use a universal saddlebag mount you can move the bags forward and they'll lean against the shock absorber secured with supplied straps. Alternatively finding a universal saddlebag bracket and mounting the saddlebags centre of the rear guard will keep the bags off the wheel. The 504 is a small to medium size saddlebag providing just enough space for necessities.

Lately what most HD street owners are choosing from our range is the 110 or 510L motorcycle saddlebags and pairing it with some easy brackets; a lockable quick release saddlebag bracket made specifically to fit your motorcycle & backrest (no backrest or HD detachable backrest) setup without any modification to the motorcycle. Simply turn the key and the bags go on/off in seconds. All the bracket hardware is bolted to the bag, so when the bags are off your left with two neat docking keepers on each side of the rear fender. The 110 and 510L saddlebags are medium (approx 16Litre capacity) in size and hold plenty.

You can read in depth with the Harley Davidson Street 500 saddlebags and bracket options here:

Model 510L saddlebags with easy brackets fitted to Harley Davidson Street 500:

Model 110 saddlebags with easy brackets fitted to Harley Davidson Street 500:

Model 108L saddlebags with easy brackets fitted to Harley Davidson Street 500:

Easy Brackets available in kits to fit with & without HD quick release backrest docking hardware:

504 Throwover Motorcycle Saddlebags: (Forward positioned uses the shock absorber as saddlebag support)

504 Throwover Motorcycle Saddlebags hard mounted with universal saddlebag brackets: