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Fat Bob

Motorcycle Saddlebags & quick release lockable saddlebag brackets for 2008 to 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob (FXDF).
The Dyna Fat Bob is a large cruiser with an external shock absorber, the saddlebag style that works best should have a 45 degree cutout at the front so the bags can tuck in behind the shock absorber. Depending on capacity needs and desired look you can get away with smaller bags measuring approx 16inch length such as the 101, or larger saddlebags measuring 21.5inch to 23inch such as the 108XL, 512 Lockable. Keeping it inbetween, the middle bag lengths would be 18inch to 21inch such as 108L, 510L slim, 510L or 511L.


Because the indicators are positioned all the way back you will be able to position the saddlebags where ever you like without modification. The 512L measures 23inch total length it fills all the space. Because the Fat bob has a short rear guard the 108XL is a good alternative and fits nicely inbetween the shock absorber and indicator. Lately riders have been applying the less is more approach; so the middle range of bags are becoming more popular especially the 108L.
If you’re stuck and cannot make a decision come back to the types of riding you'll be doing when the saddlebags are on the bike, what you will need to take and the overall look you’re going for. For example, there is no point fitting the biggest bag when you have them on there all the time and you really like the minimalist look. If you only plan to have bags on when you’re doing road trips, then going that little bit bigger at the cost of aesthetics will be more practical. There is plenty of bag models that will tick all the boxes for your bike, if you need help choosing your welcome to call or email. 
The quick release lockable saddlebag brackets are available to work without a backrest, hard mount backrest and oem detachable backrest. The docking posts are independent so you can take the backrest / sissy bar on and off as well as the saddlebags in any order. The brackets are Australian made and each set of docking posts is machined specifically for the individual bracket to ensure a nice snug fit.