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R36FM Mesh Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Group Talker (Instock)

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The new r36fm with mesh group talk technology is the latest intercom to become available using bluetooth 5, its dual core allows you to talk on the intercom whilst sharing and/or listening to music, taking map directions & phone calls. Intercom has universal pairing, FM Radio, Longer battery life, clear & loud sound. Your getting 2022 technology at a unbeatable price.

The sound clarity, volume and talk back function works extremely well with plenty of volume so you don't need to max it out. Includes all the other features you've come to expect such as FM radio, good battery capacity, talk back feature, connect phone, gps etc.

Noise cancellation keeps getting better & better, many occasions the person on the other end of the phone conversation doesn't realise your riding, and makes intercom talk and mesh group talk much better experience. In comparison to the original intercoms sold 4+ years ago its night and day.

MESH Group talk has improved the group intercom riding experience on a whole nother level using Bluetooth Mesh Networking; from pairing the device to using it; mesh gives a much better user experience and sound quality compared to the traditional group chat which would use a single bridge connection relying on the person in the middle connect the other riders. Mesh seamlessly works like a honey comb, allowing riders to drop in and out without effecting the group chat. Simply press the mesh button, it will goto 1 of 10 networks where 36 other riders can join.


R12FM vs R36FM
How does this compare with the r12fm. The r12fm uses a single core with bluetooth 5. Its been tweaked for intercom to intercom. If your a single rider or 2 riders / 1 rider - 1 pillion that just wants to listen to music and talk on the intercom the r12fm will do the job. You can do group chat with upto 12 other riders but the user experience, sound and connection quality is no where near as good as using MESH that r36fm offers.

Where you will benefit using the r36fm is if you want the ability to talk on intercom with another rider or pillion and both listen to same music at the same time whilst chatting. Or talking with 3 or more riders in group chat, MESH will give alot better group chat sound quality. Everything else is the same


* Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for groups & individuals
* NEW: MESH can connect with upto 36 other riders/pillions, choice of 10 preset options for smaller group
* Mesh can work a long distance, estimated 2km.
* Rider to rider intercom maximum distance approx 500m. If you see them, you hear them.
* Works extremely well with rider to rider, rider to pillion. Use MESH for more than 3 riders.
* NEW: Listen to music in background + GPS whilst on intercom or group mesh chat
* NEW: Share music with pillion or rider whilst talking with them via intercom
* Advanced a3dp & edr Bluetooth profile (good audio quality)
* Battery charged & ready for use (we recommend re-charging to ensure its fully charged)
* 10+ hours talk time
* Instant/Clear/Mobile like communication (Full Duplex)
* Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers & interchangeable Microphones (Wired + Boom)
* Travel with excellent sound of speeds up to 120km/h
* Wind and noise cancellation via DSP technology (Digital Signal Processor)
* Frequency range: 2.45 to 2.479 GHz (DSSS)
* RF Output Power: 0 dB
* Frequency Audio response: 30 Hz to 22 KHz
* Handles all weather conditions except being submerge in water
* Works with the following:
* Intercom & FM Radio
* Mobile
* Mp3
* Other A2DP, EDR & HF Bluetooth profiles. 

Group Talk:
* New Mesh group network technology, can connect upto 36 riders or pillion riders at the same time.
* Choice of 10 preset networks so you can split out groups chat into smaller numbers.
* Works extremely well in small and large numbers, user experience is very good, simply press the mesh button, it joins the preset network and you start talking. You can drop in and out without effecting the group chat.

Shared music:
* Rider to rider or Rider to pillion intercom can now have shared music playing in the background. You can both now talk and listen to the music at the same time. Unique feature to r36fm.
* Music / gps can play in the background when your on mesh group chat.
* Need to test but can share phone call and gps instructions aswell.

* 10 hours talk time/music, 150 hours standby
* 2 hours charge time
* usb charging cable

* Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone (A2DP)
* Automatically receive calls
* Play stereo music from your mobile phone
* If playing music, phone calls take over. Music will continue once the phone call has ended.

* Works with any Bluetooth MP3/GPS A2DP device
* Listen to GPS instructions
* Can share music with other pillion/rider (cannot talk at same time see r36fm for this feature)

Hifi Speakers:
* Upgraded to slim 5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers & 2 microphones (boom & velcro wired). 
* The sound & comfort performance has increased more than 200% from previous versions. Because its so slim with a felt padding you can now put the speakers against your ear without compromising comfort, it does still help having the ear cut outs that most good helmets have.
* The sound quality is best with the speakers over the ear, if you put it behind padding or offset from the ear the sound volume drops a lot and you’ll find yourself maxing out the volume. (the volume can get very loud but better to install speakers correctly and run the speakers low to medium volume.

Box Contents: (Single kit 1 box)
1 x Bluetooth Intercom model r36fm
1 x 
Hi-Fi Stereo ultra slim speakers & 2 microphones; boom & wired - (L shape micro usb-c plug)
1 x Intercom Hard Clamp Mount w/ tool to tighten & Stick on 3m Mount
1 x USB usb-c charging cable
1 x Operation manual

All of our items come with a full money back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days.
12 months replacement warranty.

As more groups try out the device, we can share rider experiences for now take advantage of our generous 60 day full money back satisfaction guarantee, basically giving you a free trial so you can 'try before you buy'. Product has a 12 months replacement warranty.

Speaker testimonials:
1."For the past two years I have been looking for bluetooth helmet speakers that can give me sound quality similar to that of my ear bud headphones. Having trialed at least 5 different types, I have to say that I have finally found what I am looking for. The speakers that you have supplied are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they comfortable in my helmet, I can now listen to music without the terrible "tinney" sounds of the others that I have tried. I can hear base, treble and mid sounds clearly and now enjoy my music at over 100kms p/h."
2."very good units nice an compact crystal clear head sets x4 happy people"
3. "These are fantastic tested very clear range @ no less than 400m in traffic"