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How To Fit Easy Brackets Saddlebag Guide - Australia

How To Fit Easy Brackets Saddlebag Guide - Australia

Posted by Finn Moto on 2nd Jun 2021

Fitting your saddlebags with easy brackets gives you the freedom to position your saddlebags where it fits best for your motorcycle setup; the brackets are made motorcycle model specific and includes docking hardware to fit your bikes specific backrest/sissy-bar setup; (eg no backrest, hardmount, detachable). This provides you with a solid support bracket and takes away a lot of the guess work providing you with a 'plug in and play' saddlebag bracket solution.

Fitting the saddlebags can be as easy or as hard as you'd like to make it. You'll find the more you want everything to match up and look identical the longer & trickier it becomes. The manufactures how to video and supplied instructions is a great guide and highly recommend watching it for a starting point. Over the years we've dived deep into each step and with the help of our wise old riders sharing tips/tricks we've managed to come up with the How to fit Easy Brackets Guide - Australia.


Fitting Saddlebags with Easy Brackets:

1.       Once selected saddlebags and easy brackets to fit your specific motorcycle & hardware setup (turn signals relocated if required) you’ll need the following tools. DRILL, pilot 4mm & (9.5MM or 3/8") DRILL BIT, 9/16 SOCKET SET, ALLEN KEYS, MARKER PEN, LOCTITE (blue medium 245 or red high 263).
easy brackets tools fitment

2.       At bikes rear fender, Remove one bolt and replace with longer supplied bolt and docking post. (Some keepers are longer than others, ensure its arranged to create a vertical line). Apply blue 245 or red 263 loctite to bolt end and tighten firm. Repeat to the other 3 holes.

3.       Slide easy brackets onto the docking posts to ensure it slides on firm. If you would prefer a snugger fit add a washer to one of the docking posts. Get ready to position saddlebags; move bike to flat surface with plenty of space, can prop bike up a little with bit of wood under kickstand or use a centre stand. Grab a box with other flat bits to help hold bag at a certain height or get someone to help hold it.

4.       Starting on exhaust side, check over bike carefully. To get the bags in the best position consider, Pillion, Exhaust, Indicator, Shock Absorber, Drive belt, Brake calipers & riders seat clearance; try to get bag low as possible so the top of bag is lower than the pillion seat base, following the line of the rear guard. At this point don’t worry if its not perfectly horizontal, focus on the top front part of bag; trace the bracket. Notes: (1inch / 2.5cm space from exhaust minimum). Be mindful of saddlebags internal metal brace, if you drill holes too close you'll need to cut some washers in half to pack washer and nylon nut and fit.

5.       Take bracket off and position it on the tracing. Mark the top front corner hole, pilot 4mm drill and 9.5mm / 3/8" drill hole. Fit small 3/8 bolt head with washer inside of bag, feed smaller washer and half size nylon loc nut through brackets top front slot hole (Tip: use allen key or drill bit to feed the nut onto the bolt thread; don’t push bolt all the way through otherwise socket bit wont fit in *you'll need a short socket bit or patience with a 9/16 wrench and prop handle through hole end* otherwise turn the bolt around for easier securing). Tighten firm with 9/16 socket so bracket holds bag firm.

6.       Slide bracket with bag back on the motorcycle. Pivot bag up and down until your happy with the line. If exhaust is horizontal use it to get the bags horizontal. Once happy mark the bracket & the 2 holes at bottom. Take off bike and drill holes.

7.       Undo the nut and bolt, remove the bracket off the saddlebag and mirror the 4 drilled holes to the other saddlebag. Lay the drilled bag face down with lid open and position other bag ontop (back to back), focus on matching up front, bottom and back panels. With smaller pen or 4mm drill bit mark through holes parallel as possible into the other bag.

8.       Bolt the bracket to the first bag with existing holes. Double washer each side. Once bolted up firm slide brackets+saddlebags on motorcycle. 

9.   Grab the other bracket & position on marked holes on bag, trace corners of bracket. Slide bracket on the bike and position bags over the traced line and check it mirrors up. You can also measure points of reference on the other bag, focusing on the front top hole.

10. Once happy with the position trace bracket repeat steps 5 6 & 8. It should match up or be very close to the mirrored marked holes; repeating the steps is a good way to make sure it looks good both sides.

Hopefully this step by step guide made the fit easier & took away alot of the guess work for a more accurate fit. We're always looking to improve; if you would like to add to the Aussie fit way please email or call your suggestions. Looking forward to seeing photos of your next saddlebag ride day. email:

Easy Brackets Installation Video: