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Custom Harley Chopper Chrome Motorcycle Mirrors (Instock)

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* Set of two mirrors (left and right)
* Sleek and stylish spear stem & flame wedge head design
* Bigger than other mirrors available in the market (see sizing box)
* Chrome metal stems & mirror head
* Thicker chroming & mirror finish (lasts longer looks better)
* 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum throughout (stem & mirror head)
* Adjustable mirror head (left, right, up & down) which can be secured tightly in place with an allen key
* Clear mirror lens
* Gel material under lens to reduce vibration on lens
* Mounting bolts/nuts for easy installation (8mm, 10mm & other/see picture)
* Should fit all bikes with the same connection bolts as pictured below
* 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee/warranty

Left Picture - With mirror mounts on handlebar, available in chrome & black

left - 3 qty 8mm (Scooters etc)
Middle - 3 qty 10mm (Metric / suzuki etc)
Right - 2 qty 8mm (Harley davidson bolt)

Right Picture - Black 2pc short 2pc long with washes (Triumph, Harley etc)
Chrome bolts for chrome mirror, Black bolts for black mirror 

These mirrors have the following dimensions:

Mirror face - 13.5cm x 5cm
Bolt to end of mirror head end - 25.5cm
Height - approx 10cm from centre stem bolt to base line

Mirror face - 5.25" x 2"
Bolt to end of mirror head end - 10"
Height - approx 4" from centre stem bolt to base line

Please ensure these measurements correspond with your bike before bidding