R2FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Rider/Pillion (Preorder)

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Expected release date is 3rd Jan 2022

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New R2FM intercom has just been upgraded to 2020 specification. Perfect intercom communication between Rider to Rider or Rider to Pillion, offering FM radio, Mobile phone calls/music/gps, Universal pairing 1 on 1, long distance & battery life, crystal clear hifi sound with noise cancellation. Large buttons keeps things simple and easy to use, interchangeable wired/boom microphone, new HiFi slim crystal clear 40mm speakers, solid mounting bracket.

R2FM pricing: (Preorder estimated arrival January 2022)
Single - $149.90
2 quantity - $279

Note: the following information below is our previous model, the new intercom description and photos will be updated shortly.
Note: Reviews on this product are a previous model


The 3 riders motorcycle Bluetooth intercom headset is a wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist. It will fit any motorcycle helmet & handles all weather conditions with its rubber & plastic shell all season use. This simple user friendly intercom ensures anyone can use it and with the rubberised click buttons allows the rider to operate with or without gloves.

* Handles all weather conditions except being submerge in water
* Controls: volume up & down, reset, phone/play, power/interphone buttons. 
* Works with the following:

* Intercom
* Mobile
* Mp3
* Other A2DP, EDR & HF Bluetooth profiles.

* Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for a group & individuals
* Battery charged & ready for use (we recommend re-charging to ensure its fully charged)
* Instant/Clear/Mobile like communication (Full Duplex)
* Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers & interchangeable Microphones (Wired + Boom)
* Connect with 2 other riders/pillions. (3 users total)
* Click buttons so you can easily switch from rider to rider.
* Maximum distance 1km (1000meters) for rider to rider intercom
* Travel with excellent sound of speeds up to 120km/h (works at higher speeds)
* Wind and noise cancellation via DSP technology (Digital Signal Processor)
* Frequency range: 2.45 to 2.479 GHz (DSSS)
* RF Output Power: 0 dB
* Frequency Audio response: 30 Hz to 22 KHz

* 8 hours talk time/music, 150 hours standby
* 3 hours charge time
* 240v Australian plugs included + usb charging cable

* Fits almost all helmets, comes with suitable spacers to ensure secure fit.
* Wired & boom microphones snap together for full face & open face helmets.
* Headset can easily be removed from mount
* Low profile L shape plug to ensure wire doesn't interfere with riders shoulder/head checks
* Easy operation on/call buttons that click when pushed.

* Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone (A2DP)
* Automatically receive calls
* Play stereo music from your mobile phone
* If playing music, phone calls take over. Music will continue once the phone call has ended.

* Works with any Bluetooth MP3/GPS A2DP device
* Listen to GPS instructions
* 3.5mm audio plug & cable are included; simply plug in your MP3/portable CD player/IPOD etc. 

How to use:
Detailed instructions are in the provided manual, if you need any help please don't hesitate to email/call we will gladly assist with any questions you have.
We recommend using the bolt on headset mounts instead of the stick on for extra security.

Improvements: (how we are different to others)
Motorcycle Intercom Comparison Review 2013
Aug-2012: Upgraded to a high end reliable streamlined snap lock mounting bracket for intercom to helmet.
Thicker plastic mechanism slides & locks into place offering longer lasting sturdy mount, it makes the previous intercom mount look flimsy. (pictures displayed at top)

Jan-2012: We have upgraded to slim 5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers with waterproof clip speakers & 2 microphones (boom & velcro wired). Testimonials from customers said the sound & comfort performance has increased more than 200% from previous versions. Because it's so slim with a felt padding you can now put the speakers directly onto the padding against your ear without compromising comfort. The sound quality is still very good if you choose to put them behind the padding.

The speakers themselves bring a lot of value to this kit. We have tried and tested other speakers, they don't even come close to producing the same volume db & comfort.
Expect to see this quality in a $350+ kit nothing less!

Speaker Testimonial:
1."For the past two years I have been looking for bluetooth helmet speakers that can give me sound quality similar to that of my ear bud headphones. Having trialed at least 5 different types, I have to say that I have finally found what I am looking for. The speakers that you have supplied are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they comfortable in my helmet, I can now listen to music without the terrible "tinney" sounds of the others that I have tried. I can hear base, treble and mid sounds clearly and now enjoy my music at over 100kms p/h."
2. "These are fantastic tested very clear range @ no less than 400m in traffic"
3. "My partner & I cant go riding without it, it has made our trips more enjoyable & safe."

Box Contents Dual Kit:
2 x Bluetooth helmet headset
2 x New: Hi-Fi Stereo ultra slim speakers & 2 microphones; boom & wired - (L shape plug
2 x New: Super strong head set mount (pictures to come)
2 x Head set mounts 3m stick on
2 x USB charger cables
2 x User Manual

All of our items come with a full money back satisfaction gaurantee for 60 days.
This products come with a 12 months manufacture warranty. If you have a problem after 60 days we will fix any issues at customers postage expense. (eg $5-$10 postage each way).

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  • 5
    I am very happy that I purchased your product. The manual helped me to fit it to the helmet.

    Posted by Bruce Christie on 29th Jul 2021

    Thank you for your supply time

  • 4
    Bluetooth helmet intercom

    Posted by Brett on 8th May 2021

    I purchased this unit 6mths ago in Nov 2020 have been very happy with it, compared to previous ones I have owned. I have used it as an intercom between me and the pillion, listening to music, receiving phone calls and also GPS. Pairing is easy, volume is great, controls are simple. A good buy!

  • 5
    We purchased 2 Ryder to Pillion.

    Posted by Suzanne Cooke on 14th Jan 2021

    I was going to contact you to tell you how happy we are with our purchase. Very easy to operate. Very clear. Thankyou.

  • 5
    So far so good, happy with purchase. Would recommend

    Posted by Joe on 27th Sep 2020

    Recently received comms system, installed they and used them between rider and pillion. Works very well, connects very easily, speakers very clear, receives and make calls clearly.

  • 5
    Great value headsets

    Posted by Michael on 16th Aug 2017

    Have had a dual set of the R3's for over 3years now and I'm still impressed with the quality and sound of them. I use them with my wife who rides pillion and I love that I can Bluetooth music from my phone to my helmet, then switch to talk to her about our next stop, then take a phone call as I ride along. I ride a cruiser and find we can communicate clearly at all but top highway speed. Matt has been helpful right from the start when he helped show me how to fit them to my helmet and then recently with some parts after rough handling/ dropped helmet by the missus. Great old fashioned service unlike so many these days who take your money and then don't want to know you.

  • 4
    R3 Bluetooth Intercom

    Posted by Grumpy - Geelong on 3rd Aug 2017

    After ordering this intercom, I expected Oz Post to take their time delivering it, so was quite surprised when it arrived only a few days later. Impatient to install the intercoms in our helmets, I set to trying to understand the badly translated information, not to worry I soon had the brackets installed in new helmets that didn't like being pulled apart. The speakers took a bit more of an effort, but eventually the units were ready for the initial blast off. Pairing between the units & our phones was a breeze & the sound is excellent even at high speed. We have a new Can-Am Spyder so engine & wind noise is negligible at legal speeds. The main problem I have now is that my wife never stops talking, have to turn the music up louder!!

  • 4
    Good for the price

    Posted by Chris on 15th Jun 2017

    Seems to be a good unit for the price can hear each other at highway speeds, has a little bit of crackle when stationary but not noticable when on the move. Works better with a full face, mike is a little annoying with a flip front helmet. Connected to a Samsung S7 and S8 with no dramas.Speakers are nice and flat in the hemet. Haven't tried the phone yet, will update later.

  • 5
    Great quality product!

    Posted by Paul (Sydney) on 29th Mar 2017

    My wife bought my R3 intercom about 2 years ago. Great reception and the speakers are flat and easily fit inside your helmet. I have found they provide great volume and clarity over 110km/h despite wearing 39db ear plugs every ride. Excellent purchase! I moved house recently and damaged one of my intercom helmet attachments. I contacted staff and they were super helpful and quick to respond. If only all companies had this level of customer service. Thanks Finn Moto!

  • 3
    R4 Bluetooth intercom

    Posted by Gary on 23rd May 2016

    We are planning a long trip at the end of the year so I was interested in these units because of the remotes, i read the reviews and ordered the R3 by mistake. I rang Matt and explained that i really wanted the R4, no problem Matt sent me the R4,s and i sent the R3.s back. I fitted them per instruction, wiring is a bit of a hassle to hide and the sticky stuff on the boom mic doesn't stick long. but once fitted i was eager to test them. First try out they were shocking we could hear each up to 40 kph and about 30mts apart then after that nothing but static, i contacted Matt and he was helpful, he sent me an email running through the set up stages again and some different ideas. So I started from scratch again , refitted, charged and reconnected them again. Second ride they were much better, range about 500mts -600mts line of sight, clear voice at 80kph, a little bit of static at 100kph and a little bit more static at 120kph but we could still communicate. Both of us tested them with open face helmets with screens hers down mine up. Over all they're not bad for the price only time will tell if they are good on our long trip.

  • 4
    Do not need to shout Yeah

    Posted by Jeff P on 6th Jul 2015

    We are finally connected prefer a more detail instructions to pair up each intercom device otherwise very happy great value and good product thanks Max

  • 5
    Affordable Rally Intercom

    Posted by Richard on 7th Apr 2015

    I'm a motoring enthusiast and have recently entered a Targa rally event. I needed an intercom system to talk with my navigator but didn't want to spend thousands on helmet upgrades and fitted intercom systems in my car that I use daily. The Finn Moto Rider 3 system has proven to be a very handy alternative. Simple to use, clear audio and transferrable between helmets. One of my colleagues is considering adopting the same option.

  • 4
    bluetooth headset

    Posted by Ian on 25th Feb 2015

    Works well. Have to have phone & receiver unit at full volume to hear music at highway speed.