R10FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Group Talker

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New R10 intercom is the latest intercom for 2020; this one does it all; Rider to Rider, Group riding upto 10 helmets, FM radio, Universal pairing 1 on 1, mobile phone calls/music/gps, long distance & battery life, crystal clear hifi sound with noise cancellation. Large buttons keeps things simple and easy to use, interchangeable wired/boom microphone, new HiFi slim crystal clear 40mm speakers, solid mounting bracket. Group order discounts.

Rider10 pricing:
Single - $159 ( Introduction special $144)
2 pack- $288
3 pack- $420
4 pack - $530
5 pack - $640


Note: the following information below is our previous model, the new intercom description and photos will be updated shortly.
The 4 riders motorcycle bluetooth intercom headset is a wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist. It will f
it any motorcycle helmet & handles all weather conditions with its rubber & plastic shell all season use. This simple user friendly intercom ensures anyone can use it and with the ruberised click buttons allows the rider to operate with or without gloves. Special: Free Express Post Upgrade


* Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for groups & individuals
* Advanced a3dp & edr bluetooth profile (good audio quality)
* Battery charged & ready for use (we recommend re-charging to ensure its fully charged)
* 9+ hours talk time
* Instant/Clear/Mobile like communication (Full Duplex)
* Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers & interchangable Microphones (Wired + Boom)
* Connect with 5 other riders/pillions. (5 users total)
* 2 buttons labelled A B C D so you can quickly switch from rider to rider.
* Maximum distance 1km (1000meters) for rider to rider intercom
* Travel with excellent sound of speeds up to 120km/h
* Wind and noise cancellation via DSP technology (Digital Signal Processor)
* Frequency range: 2.45 to 2.479 GHz (DSSS)
* RF Output Power: 0 dB
* Frequency Audio response: 30 Hz to 22 KHz

* 9 hours talk time/music, 150 hours standby
* 3 hours charge time
* usb charging cable

Hifi Speakers - We have upgraded to slim 5mm Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers with waterproof clip speakers  & 2 microphones (boom & velcro wired). The sound & comfort performance has increased more than 200% from previous versions. Because its so slim with a felt padding you can now put the speakers against your ear without compromising comfort. The sound quality is still very good if you choose to put them behind the padding.
The speakers themselves bring alot of value to this kit. We have tried and tested other speakers, they dont even come close. Expect to see this quality in a $380+ kit nothing less!


* Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone (A2DP)
* Automatically receive calls
* Play stereo music from your mobile phone
* If playing music, phone calls take over. Music will continue once the phone call has ended.

* Works with any Bluetooth MP3/GPS A2DP device
* Listen to GPS instructions
* 3.5mm audio plug & cable are included; simply plug in your MP3/portable CD player/IPOD etc.

How to use:
Detailed instructions are in the provided manual, if you need any help please dont hesitate to email/call we will gladly assist with any questions you have.
We recommend using the bolt on headset mounts instead of the stick on for extra security.

Box contents: (Selecting dual kit you will receive 2 boxes)
1 x Bluetooth helmet headset
1 x New: Hi-Fi Stereo ultra slim 40mm speakers & 2 microphones; boom & wired - (L shape plug)
1 x Head set mounts w/ bolts & spacers
1 x Head set mounts 3m
1 x USB charger cables
1 x User Manual

Speaker Testimonial:
1."For the past two years I have been looking for bluetooth helmet speakers that can give me sound quality similar to that of my ear bud headphones. Having trialed at least 5 different types, I have to say that I have finally found what I am looking for. The speakers that you have supplied are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they comfortable in my helmet, I can now listen to music without the terrible "tinney" sounds of the others that I have tried. I can hear base, treble and mid sounds clearly and now enjoy my music at over 100kms p/h."
2."very good units nice an compact crystal clear head sets x4 happy people"
3. "These are fantastic tested very clear range @ no less than 400m in traffic"

All of our items come with a full money back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days.
12 months replacement warranty.

25 Reviews

  • 5
    Motorcycle Communications

    Posted by Les Green on 4th Jan 2021

    Very good system and is very clear when riding with another rider.
    Easy to set up (once you read instructions clearly).
    Hoping to test all 4 units purchased on next ride.

  • 4
    Bluetooth helmet intercom

    Posted by BRETT WILLIAMS on 29th Dec 2020

    I have been using this for a couple of months now and am impressed. Mostly I listen to music but sometimes intercomm with my occasional pillion. Volume can be set very loud so ear plugs do not affect it. Intercomm is very clear and works fine up to 100kmph, a little bit of wind noise at 120kmph (more than likely the helmet causing this). It pairs easily to the other helmet and connects to my phone automatically. Battery life is great. No issues so far. Price is good. The only reason I haven't scored it 5 is the instructions. The manual is poorly translated. The manual I found on the internet was better and trial and error sorted it out too.

  • 4
    Great Product for Value

    Posted by Pete on 19th Jun 2017

    Used the intercom a few times for music & phone calls,
    People I was in a call with said they could hear me fine at speeds of 80km/h, said they could hear the bike in the background but could still hear me perfect, (I ride a dual sport which is loud compared to other bikes)
    Microphone adhesive isn't the best and im going to have to glue it down but other than that no complaints

  • 4
    Very Good Product - Value for money

    Posted by Garry on 18th May 2017

    Purchased the intercom on a Monday and arrived on the Wednesday. Great service. As for the intercom it was easy to install and works well for a budget priced set.

  • 5
    excellent value for money

    Posted by Greg on 9th Mar 2017

    So easy to set up and use
    Fast delivery

  • 5
    Excelent price point and easy set up

    Posted by Scott on 23rd Apr 2016

    Whilst not the prittiest Motorcycle intercom on the market; at half the price of the market leader, this is more than acceptable.
    The initial in helmet installation and set up was easy to follow and pair with my phone.
    Speaker quality is exeptional, clear with a good musical reproduction. Hands free phone calls and intercom use was also very good quality.
    I am very happy with my purchase choice and recommend this product should you be in the market.

  • 4
    Works a little better than the famous brands but much cheaper

    Posted by David on 7th Mar 2016

    When our Scala Rider system died (it had cost around $700) and it turns out that the battery could not be replaced we looked around and found the Finn R4 for less than half the price. It was a little fiddly to fit but has really great clarity, way better than the Scala unit. At high speed it is predictably not 100% but still just fine. I love the handle bar control unit (you don't have to use this but I do) which comes as part of the package. Easy and safe to make adjustments.... Best of all you don't pay fancy brand prices. Oh yes, Matt has been amazingly helpful and available... this is a pretty rare level of service these days, a real human who cares!

  • 4
    Very very happy

    Posted by Brad on 23rd Feb 2016

    I called Matt and had a good chat to him about the R4 before purchasing this and he was very friendly and accommodating. He even rushed a shipment out just before going on leave himself.

    Sound quality is great and it's pretty easy to setup.

    Only once or twice have they dropped out, but a simple reset and they're back online and good as new.

    Excellent sound when playing music if i'm riding alone and phone calls are clear. When i have my Mrs with me, chatting away is easy with no interference from wind (we do have full face helmets with the boom mic) even travelling at 100+km.

    Thanks for a great product.

  • 4
    Great value and excellent service

    Posted by Graeme on 12th Aug 2015

    I was searching the Web and reading reviews on motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms (Interphone, Sena, Scala, Uclear, all pretty expensive), when I came across the R4 from Finn Moto. Rang Matt, verified a couple of things and placed an order online 22 July at 2.00pm. Package arrived in Adelaide 10.00am next day via Express Post. Impressive.

    Instructions are reasonable. Usual Chinese to English translation chuckle gems.

    Charged the RCMI and remote, and installed the set into my full-face helmet that evening. Very simple, although (and as mentioned by another reviewer) the mouth piece microphone Velcro tabs aren’t sticky enough to stay put. Not helped by that area on most helmets being slightly curved. I’ve since used a dab of silicon on both stickies, issue solved. Note: Dry fit the speakers first, and sound test, to make sure that they are positioned ‘exactly’ over the ear to achieve optimum sound quality/loudness.

    Remote control is designed to fit hard against the inboard flange of the left grip. It can interfere with the operation of the indicator and horn switch (but only slightly), now used to it. If mounting elsewhere on the bar make sure that the 2.5mm charging plug port can still be accessed.

    With the set installed and paired to my Galaxy S5 I went for a ride listening to music via the phone. The sound quality is very good, and loud and clear enough at 100 kph. Similar reproduction to reasonable quality ‘in ear’ headphones. The system also responds to equaliser settings (bass/treble), if available on your device. Incoming phone calls paused music playback and auto answered in 4-5 secs as specified. Conversation (both ways) at 100kph was quite acceptable. Music auto recommenced after call termination.

    If using the supplied 2.5/3.5mm audio cable with an IPod or similar to listen to music/radio note the following. RCMI needs to be powered up (blue light flashing) and any paired phone DISCONNECTED, with Bluetooth OFF. Connect IPod via cable and play music/radio, then WAIT 10-12 seconds while the RCMI works out what it needs to be doing. You should hear a series of beeps while it tests profiles (phone, intercom, music) before hearing anything. Once playing, rechecked device volume level as it seems to auto-reduce volume when changing profiles. If you reconnect a phone to the RCMI via Bluetooth at this point, playback from the IPod will cancel.

    Connected R4 intercom with a mate’s Interphone F5MC using the Interphone’s AnyCom’ feature. Worked very well, good line-of-sight range, and auto reconnects after being out of range.

    Overall very happy with the set, and EXCELLENT customer service from Matt and Finn Moto. Great value for money. With a 60 day money-back satisfaction guarantee you almost can’t go wrong.

  • 5
    Great Product and Service

    Posted by Daniel on 24th May 2015

    Very easy to use. Paired the R3 & R4 and it worked straight away.
    Sound quality is pretty good, even at high speeds.
    Customer service was excellent.
    Would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    4 Rider & 3 Rider = Great set's & value for money: Continued

    Posted by Hewie on 15th May 2015

    Further to my last:

    I actually charged up the remote, did it overnight. The next day, with the remote still mounted on the handle Bar, I did not have to sit forward to get in range when using it.

    I could sit back and press the remote buttons for instant effect. Wonderful system, the sound quality is excellent. and Mobile phone usage works well.

    Therefore good value for money, worth every cent. and IMO worth 5 stars

    thanks Matt and Finn Moto, I am happy as.

    Darwin NT

  • 4
    4 Rider & 3 Rider = Great set's & value for money

    Posted by Hewie on 14th May 2015

    Well must admidt suitable impressed. Owner of Scala Rider Previously many moons ago, I was use to similiar Blue Tooth products.

    Going for a bit of a weekend Bash with a group of fellow riders (Darwin to Kununarra, Moon Festival) on the 22 May 2015. Was going to save some expense and jsut wear headsets on my I phone 4. but thought it may get a little uncomfortable, plus loose communication with other riders and pillions. Wife riding, me carrying a pillion.

    So hunting around, I searched the market for the best price. Found saw that they had a bluethooth system. Liked the price so contacted the stated phone number and spoke to Matt. Initially a little taken aback how young he sounded, but all the questions i asked him came back with good and relevant answers, I was going to go for 3 x 3 rider, but he advised that I get 1 x 4 Rider and 2 x 3 rider.

    Because I was embarking on the weekend trip the following weekend I asked if he could send them to me straight away. I then went back into the ordering process on Finn Moto and order a dual set 4 Rider and 1 s 3 Rider.

    The Sets arrived within on Wednesday, having ordered on Monday. I installed the sets into the helmets Wednesday night. Very Quick and simple, although the mouth piece microphone, sticky Velcro tab was very sticky, thus not staying on the microphone, and this appeared to be constant with all through sets. So have had to use some black masking tape to stick the mouthpieces to the Helmed (2 Microphones are supplied with each set, (one with an arm, one without an arm), the microphon e's with the arm, were the ones that had the non sticky backing on the Velcro Tab.

    With the sets installed in the helmets (having charged eachset for 3 hours) linked the bluetooth phones and went for a ride listening to music. WOW! the sound was excellant and constant at 120+ kph. I was wearing earplugs, and have a fairly noisy helmet but the sound quaility was just great.

    Found that although I was linked to the phone by Bluetooth, the phone was not coming through the headsets or picking up on the mike at first! playing around with the phone and the setpiece it worked. Not sure what the issue is on that at first, it works but on initial use it doesn't Just operator/ set up error I think, (iphone 4) ?

    The remote control is a little bit difficult to install on 1" handlebars, (I believe it is designed to be put on the hand grip, but not sure that suits me, large hands). It would probably be better if there were two screw up areas rather then the single area. I am finding that where I have positioned the remote, the range doesn't appear to be that great, thus I have to lean forward for it to operate (ie come into range! I ride a Triumph Bonneville T100. and my bars are dropped), so I will play around with the remote and put it in different positions, I may try to locate it on the Tank bag.

    However, I will say that apart frm having to lean forward to get into range, the remote does work well, and I like the Idea, especially as you can adjust the music in year ears quite instant, and also pick a rider to speak to easily rather than feeling on the side of the helmet for the correct button, using gloved Fat Fingers :)

    Overall very happy with the sets, and great service from Matt and Finn Moto


    Darwin NT